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Terms of Use

Please read our terms of use to learn more about your rights...

Sometracker may change any of the terms and conditions in this Agreement at any time for any reason. A notice of material change will be posted on Sometracker's website, and you are responsible for reviewing the changes.

Sometracker does not provide any guarantee or warranty of the accuracy of any data. By using Sometracker, you are certifying that you are over 13 years of age and have your legal guardian’s permission.

The data Sometracker provides is public information. It is gathered by Sometracker’s proprietary software from 3rd party sources. The data is then collated, organized, manipulated, and displayed in unique ways by Sometracker. This makes the data proprietary.

Data Rights

Sometracker’s data, including screen shots or images of Sometracker’s website, is allowed providing you credit Sometracker as the source of said data and/or images. The acceptable way to do this is to provide a link back to the source of the data, and clearly state in text that Sometracker provides the data. This includes sharing our data on Social Media websites, on blogs, and in any sort of publication.

Data that is shared from Sometracker on YouTube videos should include a link in the description, and a verbal or written acknowledgement of Sometracker as the source of the data in the video itself.

It is Sometracker’s policy to not delete data on our website. All the data on our website is gathered from public sources, and Sometracker will continue to display said data. If you want us to stop displaying the statistics of your channel/account from a third party, you will have to adjust your privacy settings on said third party website.